Brief History of Institutional Ethics Committee, AVPRF


The Ayurvedic Trust had established an ethics committee and was monitoring clinical research at the Trust. This committee is now re-established adhering to the contemporary regulations to ensure highest ethics in research at AVP Group of Institutions.

AVP Research Foundation began its activities at the Ayurvedic Trust Campus, Coimbatore in 2003 by the name “AVT Institute for Advanced Research” (AVTAR). In the span of ten years, AVP Research Foundation, formerly known as AVTAR has positioned itself into a pioneering research organisation in the field of Ayurveda. AVP Research Foundation is a company incorporated under section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.



Our vision is to contribute to research by ensuring the highest possible ethical standards in research at the affiliate institutions.


Our mission is to:

1. Ensure the safety of both participants and researchers involved in research.

2. Establish a model committee in AYUSH and allied sector and lead research.

We do the following to fulfil our mission:

I. The IEC shall be multidisciplinary and multi-sectored in composition to ensure and accommodate multiple views relevant to ensure the rigor of research while ensuring the safety of participants and researchers.

II. The IEC will ensure that all the rules and regulations laid by the government of India and competent regulatory bodies are adhered to and updated periodically.

III. The IEC would establish and maintain a publicly available Standard Operating Procedures that state the authority under which the committee is established, the functions and duties of IEC, membership criteria, terms of reference for appointment, quorum requirements, procedures and functioning.

Scope of Institutional Ethics Committee, AVPRF

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) of AVP Research Foundation (AVPRF) shall receive, review, approve (or otherwise) and monitor research proposals involving human study volunteers in the following Institutions

1. AVP Research Foundation

2. International Institute of Ayurveda

3. The AryaVaidyaChikitsalayam & Research Institute under The Ayurvedic Trust

4. The AryaVaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd.

5. AryaVaidyan P.V. Rama Variar Birth Centennial Ayurveda Hospital & AVP Training Academy

6. Saranya Ayurveda Hospital under Aashirwad Health and Educational Trust.

7. Artha Herbs Extracts and Derivatives India Limited

8. Aashirwad Ayurveda Pharmacy India Private Limited

9. Medical Research Laboratory

10. Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Hospital under Punarnava Ayurveda Limited.

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